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Spiraldancer is amorphous: sometimes we are a group, sometimes a trio, a duet or a single spiral. We dance a Fusion style of bellydance: mainly North Wind Tribal, sometimes fused with Oriental. Our choreographies emerge from diverse art forms and cultures. This is bellydance with a difference and we are constantly evolving.

We are inspired by the spiral: the symbol of the eternal, creative and organising force at work in our universe.  From the spiralling arms of galaxies and the vortexes of whirlpools, to the beautiful double helix of DNA, spirals are an essential part of us and of our environment. Spiral symbolism has been with us since at least the Stone Age; it speaks to us at a sub-conscious level.

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The Spiral Dance : A synthesis of Celtic and Egyptian archetypes

Montagues & Capulets : Bellydance at its most confrontational
Babooshka : Identity crisis!
Saltarello : A merry medieval fusion with sticks

Ten Goku : Stairway to heaven?


Sugar Plum Fairy : Celestial belly ballet
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Jeeves and Wooster : A Jazz Age cocktail with a dash of Arabic
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Wuthering Heights : A wild and windy Moorish Fusion
One by One : Adios, a serene farewell to the Thursday classes
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The Fabulous Bird Dance : Celtic knot work Fusion
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Mars, Bringer of War! : Ancient British Tribal Fusion