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One by One

a serene farewell
to the Thursday class

One by one my leaves fall.
One by one my tales are told...

 She says Adios, says Adios, Goodbye

One by One by Enya

Salome with leaves
One by One stage performance

This didn't start out as a Spiraldancer choreography. It was the last dance Alex choreographed for her Huddersfield class, in autumn 2008, and how appropriate.After 7 years, she was saying goodbye to her Thursday evening class. Although the words of the song are about saying good bye, the major tonality (slightly unusual for Enya) and gentle sound-wash of the music give a sense of a positive and transformational ‘adios’.

In May 2009 Spiraldancer and friends attended workshops taught by Rose Harden at the Tribal weekend at Ford Castle, Northumberland.
In one of Rose’s sessions she explained how she goes about creating her dances. She considers 4 elements: the music, the costume, the choreography and the intention, or emotional element. In respect of the last, she introduced us to an exercise...

Listen to the music and write down six ideas, feelings or concepts that the music inspires in you. As we were about to dance “One by One” at the Yorkshire Bedazzle Showcase in June, we tried this out.

Before you read on, why not listen to the music and see how you would respond? Click on the leaves on the picture on the left.

This is what we came up with: space; floating; expansiveness; white light beams; transformation; water; caves; green; calm; ethereal; mist; dignity; reverberation; serenity; dark eyes; pearls; tears; Canada geese in flight; echoes; swaying; surging; resolution.

"One by One" is from the album A Day without Rain. The cover is designed in neutral colours. Our costuming reflected this, and the song's calm simplicity; we chose neutral colours with gold and silver, and painted our faces with silver spirals. But the lighting turned us all rather pink.

Adios, Alex.