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Medea/Alex studied music and music therapy at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and began dancing some 11 years ago when asked to accompany a friend to a Candida Colgrave-Bell Arabic dance evening class. As a result of Candi's first shimmy, and completely out of the blue, she had a 'road to Damascus’ experience. She has since developed that experience by studying with various teachers, and by attending a variety of workshops, dance holidays and conventions.

Drawing on her background in dance and movement therapy, and on diverse cultures and art forms, Alex developed an abiding interest in Fusion dance. Having run regular weekly classes for 7 years, she now teaches residential courses on an occasional basis.






Hehet/Anne was looking for a flamenco class, but found Alex's Arabic dance class instead and was hooked on the dance form, the music and the chance to be really girly after working with burly, bearded foresters and farmers each day. She trained in ballet, tap and ballroom dance in her youth, and plays the piano, oboe and handbells, with varying degrees of rustiness.

Over the past 5 years she has explored many aspects of the dance at workshops and weekend courses, and in the development of new choreographies with Alex and Maura. Her background in tap and ballet, and her work abroad make her naturally attracted to African, folky and more energetic styles of Arabic dance, all of which find an outlet in Spiraldancer. 

Anne is thinking of setting up a dance class in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, where she now lives.



Mau Ra/Maura gave up ballet at 13 after discovering that disco dancing had more scope for self-expression.  Inspired by Isadora Duncan and Kate Bush, she survived her Domestic Goddess years by flouncing about in the improvisational style of the former while attempting the choreographies (and vocal style) of the latter. Yoga helped too.

Musical influences were always eclectic: anything from Medieval to Electronic. While studying Literature several things came together to stir Maura’s Celtic roots, but sadly she missed out on the Irish dance lessons. Eventually she discovered Arabic dance and,  over the years, sampled its many and varied forms, particularly relishing the earthiness of folkloric styles. She was drawn to Fusion because of its scope for experimentation and it was in Alex’s classes, among kindred spirits, that imagination and creativity took flight. She now dances Arabic Fusion and Tribal Style.

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